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Steel industry and steel trade

Profitability is the fundament for future design:


  • In spite of the economic slump, positive future developments are expected for the steel trade in spite of weaker growth in the medium term.
  • Customer requirements for adherence to delivery dates and speed of delivery, especially of special materials, will continue to increase.
  • The establishment of service and value added solutions for customers is only beginning and creates new market opportunities.
  • Service centre and training centres are the first steps towards stronger integration into customer processes.
  • Supply Chain Excellence from procurement to delivery to customers offers various opportunities to optimize in-house processes.
  • The challenges of transport logistics will continue to increase and require new solutions as a result of the fuel cost development.


Cost explosion exceeds growth opportunities:


  • High raw material and introductory prices threaten the profitability of companies.
  • Cost pressure on logistic processes is increasing.
  • Transport costs can only be mastered through intermodal solutions.
  • Inventory management while maintaining superior assortments necessitates targeted structural organisation.
  • Strategic material purchases are necessary, however, often put a strain on the balance sheet.
  • Cost transparency is the fundament for targeted planning, control, and intervention.
  • Regional responsibilities prevent the optimisation of added value and must be questioned in favour of a holistic evaluation.
  • The use of modern planning and scheduling tools is only beginning.


Our references in the steel industry and in steel trade (excerpt):


  • Setup and moderation of a holistic optimization program to lower logistics costs.
  • Tender and award management of an outsourcing solution.
  • New orientation of national distribution and training network using simulation models.
  • Value Chain optimization from incoming goods to delivery, including development of an inventory management programme.
  • Definition and moderation of the implementation of a logistics ATLAS, including capture of all logistic and commercial key performance metrics.
  • Elaboration of potentials research for the optimization of logistic performance.
  • Setup and realisation of an overall project management for the implementation of a holistic optimisation programme.


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