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Medical technology / Pharmaceutical industry

Medical technology is a growth market:


  • Worldwide growth demand for medical technology
  • Demographic development: World population is growing rapidly and ages faster.
  • Changed family structures bring about a stronger professionalization and commercialisation of health and nursing care services.
  • Increasing health expenditures: Less developed countries due to increasing patient numbers, developed countries due to demand for state-of-the-art treatment methods as well as  trend towards therapeutic and surgical interventions paid by patients with private medical insurance (lifestyle)


Innovative medical technology increases the quality of life, saves treatment costs:


  • High-quality treatments (e.g. minimal invasive therapies) reduce follow-up costs and shorten therapy times
  • Modern treatment methods save treatment costs while maintaining the same quality
  • Early detection makes time-consuming and expensive treatment methods superfluous
  • New methods increase the quality of life and save life


Growth needs innovation and financial power, innovation is created through:


  • Consistent analysis and evaluation of market and customer requirements
  • Speed in implementing requirements in products and services
  • Constant investment in research and development for new products and in new markets
  • Creation of a corporate culture in which the constant development of products, processes and structures is self-explanatory


Financial power is the result of:


  • Strategic alignment of performance processes to customer benefit and increase in value
  • Consistent orientation to order completion and flexibility
  • Prevention of wastefulness in all organisational units
  • Material orientation as top principle in the Supply Chain
  • Design of efficient processes and relevant self-regulating control systems
  • Prevention of complexity in all decision areas
  • Permanent integration of employees into further development of processes and structures


Our references in medical technology (excerpt):


  • Design and realignment of production organisation and Supply Chain for a manufacturer of medical-technical equipment
  • Optimisation “Order to Cash” for a medical technology manufacturer
  • Design and reorientation of production organisation and Supply Chain for a manufacturer of medical-technical equipment
  • Elaboration and implementation of a European logistics strategy for a manufacturer of generic drugs
  • Project management for the setup of new production facilities for a manufacturer of medical-technical equipment
  • Setup and development of a factory for high-performance X-ray tubes
  • Strategic realignment of a factory for glass tubes
  • Conception and setup of a supplier park and a recycling factory for a manufacturer of technical equipment in medical technology 


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