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Consumer goods industry

The consumer goods industry especially suffers in Germany, but also increasingly in Europe, from two megatrends: stagnating demand due to purchasing behaviour on the one hand and the strong cost competition between market protagonists from Europe and Asia on the other hand. Companies that are orientated towards cyclical behaviour are facing the challenge of reviving stagnating demand through innovative products while, at the same time, elaborating their scope of action through cost savings in the Value Chain. 


Against this background, Value Chains must be sustainably optimised with the processes “order to cash” and “purchase to pay”, to adapt frequently historically grown structures to the new challenges and to speed up the development of new products “time to market”.


Project experiences of admoVa consulting show that the levers to master challenges lie in the hand of companies and entrepreneurs. 


Doing the right thing through focusing:


  • Analysis of customer and market behaviour from different angles
  • Establishing service and value added solutions for customers
  • Overcoming growth location structures in Sales, Production and Logistics
  • Reducing internal interfaces
  • Departing from divisional thinking
  • Supply Chain Excellence from sourcing to customer delivery
  • Prevention of wastefulness in direct, and especially, indirect areas
  • Cost transparency as a basis for planning, control and intervention
  • Optimisation of purchasing and sourcing to lower costs while at the same time ensuring supply
  • User optimization of simple planning and scheduling tools


Our references in the consuming goods industry:


  • Value Chain Management for a consumer goods industry manufacturer
  • Supply Chain Management for a toy industry manufacturer
  • Optimisation of the European distribution for a manufacturer of garden accessories
  • Reorganisation of a distribution centre for a manufacturer of medical consumer products
  • Analysis of Production and Logistics customer requirements in Europe for a manufacturer of automotive engineering
  • Optimisation of turnover planning processes for a manufacturer of motor-driven gardening equipment
  • Optimisation of internal cooperation between Sales and Logistics for a manufacturer of vehicle engineering
  • Optimisation of “order to cash” process for a manufacturer of consumables
  • Development of a European distribution strategy for a manufacturer of gardening equipment
  • Development and implementation of a production strategy for a manufacturer of gardening equipment
  • Development of an overall strategy for distribution, production and purchasing for a manufacturer of coffee-making accessories
  • Development and implementation of a European logistics solution for a manufacturer of work clothing
  • Optimisation of the European distribution logistics for a toy manufacturer 
  • Conceptual design for cost optimisation in logistics for a manufacturer of washroom hygiene articles
  • Establishment of an assortment and inventory management programme for a manufacturer of mass products
  • Establishment of a cost and inventory management for a manufacturer of advertising articles
  • Elaboration of a sourcing strategy for a manufacturer of work clothing
  • Elaboration of a purchasing strategy for a toy manufacturer
  • Elaboration of a purchasing manual for a manufacturer of washroom hygiene articles
  • Preparation of a performance specifications for sales planning solution for a manufacture of coffee-making accessories
  • Preparation of performance specifications, introduction and commissioning of a sales planning software programme for a manufacturer of gardening tools
  • Preparation of performance specifications for production planning and control for a tool manufacturer  
  • Preparation of performance specifications for process control for a toy manufacturer


Benefit from our extensive industry knowledge.


Are you interested? Contact us if you have any questions.

Your contact at admoVa:


Dr. Jens Kaeseler

E-Mail:        Jens.Kaeseler@admova.com

Cell phone: +49 172 6737334 



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