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Wind energy: systems and component manufacturing, services and spare parts management

In the wind energy sector there is an intensive interweaving between systems and component manufacturers (suppliers), independent or manufacturer-dependent wind service providers and wind farm operators. The supply chain is characterized by complex, often international logistics networks for a wide range of systems and components of different technologies. As a result, the attainment of a high availability of the wind power plants plays a central role. Wind farm operators earn their money only when their energy systems and turbines are available - electricity cannot be pre-produced or stored to a significant degree. And that is an optimization incentive for manufacturers and service providers.


Maintenance and repair costs have a significant share of the operating costs of a wind power plant, not only, but especially in the second half of the approximately 20-year plant life cycle. Therefore, sophisticated concepts for economic wind farm operation and the necessary services are required.


A special role is played by mastering logistical processes and effective and efficient spare parts management. For example, an international, logistical network of warehouses and repair companies is to be built and maintained cost-effectively from the point of view of a systems and component manufacturer or a wind service provider. Wind service providers are faced with the additional challenge of developing optimal storage and service strategies for many different technologies and equipment types in order to maintain their service costs at an economically optimal level or even to reduce them.


admoVa's core competency is the design of effective and efficient logistical structures and processes.


admoVa offers companies in the supply chain of the wind energy sector a tailor-made consulting service, based on the business model and competences of the company.


For systems and component manufacturers, admoVa provides support in matters of complexity and variant control, minimizing working capital and flexible design of production and logistics. Typical topics are standardization and re-usability, streamlined production and logistics processes designed with intelligent control methods and optimized inventory management.


For wind service providers, admoVa's focus is on the design of efficient maintenance and repair processes and the optimized spare parts logistic. Typical tasks for which admoVa offers support are, for example, the design of optimal warehouse networks (locations, storage types) and the development of optimal storage, transport and service solutions. Extensive experience and highly specialized simulation tools can be used.


Our references (excerpt):


  • Supply chain concept for the pan-European spare parts logistics of a plant construction company
  • Process optimization, reorganization and after market-related support for a systems manufacturer
  • Analysis of customer requirements for production and logistics in Europe for a manufacturer of large technical equipment
  • Mastery of product variability and introduction of standardization processes to increase component reusability for a manufacturer of electrical equipment
  • Optimization of sales planning processes for a manufacturer of motorized devices
  • Optimization of the "order to cash" process for a manufacturer of consumables
  • Development of the specification of a production planning and control system for a tool manufacturer


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admoVa develops solutions to address critical challenges in Spare Parts Management in the Wind Energy domain.



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