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Inventory Management

Inventory – A necessary evil in the Value Chain?


As a matter of principle, all current optimisation approaches, starting from Lean Production and Lean Logistics to Supply Chain Management, are based on low-inventory solution concepts (like e. g. Just in Time). However, because transport costs will rise in the long-term due to energy prices and the complexity of international networked logistic systems increases, a new balance between transport and inventory costs as well as delivery reliability must be struck. Inventory is becoming increasingly important for the smooth functioning of the Value Chain.


Does this means that inventory should be accumulated in the Value Chain and in the hubs of international logistics networks?


Certainly not. Rather, it is more about organising stocks intelligently, i.e. optimal design in terms of assortment depth, assortment width and storage location, and in terms of distribution between raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods, to achieve security of supply.


This is where our Inventory Management consultancy service comes into play. 

An effective inventory management must satisfy many aspects:


  • Through assortment strategies from the perspective of Purchasing and Sales
  • Through planning quality in demand-driven business models
  • Through standardisation in development and construction
  • Through standard strategies in Purchasing and Sourcing
  • Through KANBAN and consumption control in Production and Assembly
  • Through dynamic inventory allocation in distribution system
  • Inventory can only be managed and security of supply can only be achieved through this holistic approach.


Our admoVa process model enables us to analyse your stocks along the Value Chain with powerful IT tools. Based on an inventory classification in inventory groups (e.g. ABC XYZ) group-specific optimisation methods are elaborated in cooperation with you.


In parallel, factors influencing stocks and inherent necessities are determined along the Value Chain, from Development to Sales, which makes it possible to focus on the actual origin of stocks. Our approach goes well beyond inventory reduction measures and is based on systemic overall understanding.


Finally, ongoing successes are secured through effective inventory controlling and clearly defined stock responsibility.



Our services pertaining to Inventory Management include:


Inventory analysis:

  • Recording of inventory and movement data
  • Data evaluation
    • ABC analyses and XYZ analyses
    • WBZ analyses
    • Scheduling parameter analyse
  • Network distribution analyses
  • Floor analyses and security inventory analysis


Inventory optimisation:

  • Inventory clearance (Non-Mover, Dead Stock, Slow Mover)
  • Inventory clearance / Variant management
  • Standardisation and value analysis
  • Development / Adjustment of Sourcing Strategies / Standard Strategies
  • Improvement of planning and scheduling quality
  • Optimised setting of scheduling parameters
  • Variant management and customer uncoupling points
  • Assortment and inventory distribution in logistic network


Inventory controlling:

  • Definition of inventory key data
  • Determination of inventory limit and target values
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Inventory responsibility


Are you interested? Contact us if you have any questions.


Your contact at admoVa:


Dr. Markus Dittrich

E-Mail: Markus.Dittrich@admova.com

Cell phone:  +49 172 2087983




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